Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Disassociated Press

A recent article off the AP has the Catholic Church vowing to take on the Obama Presidency over the issue of abortion.

According to the article, the church feels it may be under attack with this new administration. An administration that is based on change and hope for a better, brighter future. So the church sees itself as under attack by change and hope. No news there. I don't think I've been particular vocal about my feelings towards organized religion on this blog, but sufficed to say, I'm not particularly fond of any religion predicated on the notions that there is no room for other deities, that an eternity of torture awaits any who stray from an antiquated doctrine and that newborn children that die before baptism are condemned to limbo. Call me quirky.

However, I do support an individuals right to choose their own religion despite these feelings. I will always support the choice of the individual and would fight to protect it. To remove someones ability to make their own decisions whether it's in respect to their choice of religion or what they do with their body flies in the face of the ideals this country was founded on. It is a step back towards a puritanical mindset that many in this country are still fighting so hard to move beyond.

The article goes on to mention that prelates in the Catholic church would be taken Catholic policy makers to task for not adhering to the Catholic doctrine in regards to said policy making. I take incredible offense at this. I am of the opinion that the church has absolutely no place at the political decision making table. I want my representatives to make their decisions based on logic, pragmatism, and common decency. What I don't want is someones judgement being influenced by church doctrine, in effect foisting that doctrine upon their constituents and disguising it as sound judgement.

Whew, rant over. Now, moving on to more important stuff. I just got Gears of War 2, bitches! Suck my carbide tipped chainsaw!

Well, looks like you won't be able to chow down on some Christ crackers either.