Thursday, October 25, 2007


Happy Friday folks. Who really gets any work done on Friday's anyway? Well, in keeping with the tradition of getting next to nothing done, here's more Internet garbage to keep your clicker finger busy:

Tobey Maguire to produce and star in a live action Robotech movie? I swear to whatever deity is listening that if I see one just one Veritech fighter in a dance montage, I'm killing someone.

Mad Max 4 is set to begin production soon. Director George Miller has been quoted as saying that Mel "fuckin' Jews" Gibson will not be reprising the role that made him a household name. Gee, that's too bad. Isn't there another big Australian star that could fit the role of a gruff, road weary mercenary?

Wanted: Hollywood. Crime: a lack of creativity and independent thought so profound that the next writer that can pen an original story will be accused of witchcraft and burned at the stake.

The video game based film Hitman opens in wide release on November 21st. There's been some rumors that studio exec pussies are looking to remove some of the more violent scenes to avoid an "R" rating and have brought in editor Nicolas DeToth. WHAT THE FUCK, PEOPLE?! The title of the movie is "Hitman" not "Bald guy with a bad attitude"...fuck's sake.

Here's the latest trailer for Hitman. Looks decent, but I'm still on the fence about Olyphant is Agent 47.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Let's see just how deep the rabbit hole goes...

Well, it's been a long two months with no new posts up on The Disco. The only people reading my blog now are spammers and anyone that's done a search for "Amy Winehouse licking Tyler Perry's sphincter". I aim to change all that folks! It's a brand new day under the Disco's bright lights, and I'm cleaning house. I'd also like to ask for input from any readers still stopping by to see what's new. I'm thinking of starting a parenting column relating my day to day experiences being a single parent and answering any parenting questions the blogosphere at large may have. What do you think? Of course I'll still maintain the same oh so hilarious posts you've come to expect from the Lord of the Disco, but I'd like to give something back to the blogging community that made me the white hot blogger star I was (for about 9.2 minutes).

As my regular readers know, I have two daughters ages 12 and 10. My 12 year old had her first school dance (which Kristine and I were foolish enough to volunteer to chaperone) about a month ago with her next one coming up this Friday. Wanna know what it was like chaperoning a dance attended by about 300 preteens? Imagine a herd of cattle jacked up on Mountain Dew & Sour Patch Kids being stuffed into an auditorium after running around a yard all day. Now play some of the shittiest hip hop on today's radio, add two bewildered parents and mix till sweaty and smelly. Now I'm no prude, but if I see another 12 year old girl freaking on another 12 year old girl, I just might tazer someone. As a matter of fact, if I see any boy or girl get within 2 feet of each other, I'm makin' with the pepper spray. Gall derned hormonal douchebags.

And now we're set to do it all over again. "Why, oh Lord of the Disco, wouldst thou invite such torture upon thine noble self?" you may ask.

Shit homey, I'm an awesome parent, that's why.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Once again back is the incredible...

My self imposed moratorium on blog posts is lifted, loyal readers (all two of you). After much hard work, far too many mojito's and a plethora of shitty interviews courtesy of, I am back in the saddle, bitches!! I'll put up a full blown post (get your mind outta the gutter, TK) later this week, but in the meantime, ask yourself...