Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Arise from your grave!

So, after almost a three year absence, I've decided to resuscitate this long silent blog. What made me decide to do this? After hanging out with some awesome friends recently, and realizing that I need to keep my writing skills sharp I came to the conclusion that this is best way. I'll be posting on various subject such as parenting issues, being a returning college student, entertainment news, gaming and pretty much anything else that strikes my fancy. I can't promise a definite posting schedule, but I think you can expect 2 to three posts per week. I hope you'll all come on back and check it out.

1 comment:

Caren, formerly known as Ms. Mix & Bitch said...

{Insert soundtrack and one tear rolling down my cheek here}...

Good to have you back, man....(imagine a pat on the shoulder, followed by earnest grin)...the blogosphere was just empty 360 degree space without you.

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