Thursday, July 5, 2007

Anyone seen my glowsticks?

If you live in the Los Angeles area, this is a film I think is worth checking out. It's playing at the Sunset Laemlee 5 Theatre on July 6th at 9:30 P.M. and July 10th at 12:30 P.M.*

Drawing upon a variety of documentary filmmaking techniques, Rolling breaks new ground by creating a unique faux documentary. Utilizing the form of a docudrama, cinema verite style footage entwines with personal testimonials rendering a fictional chronicle, which captures the appeal of the drug Ecstasy. The film follows a diverse group of users as they cross paths in Los Angeles. At its core, Rolling is an investigation into a generation's drug of choice. It is a dramatized expose of the current state of a cultural phenomenon that has grown tremendously over the past two decades. Rolling simultaneously authenticates a specifically twisted consciousness while relating to a broad audience with an eye for detail and human behavior. The film uses a variety of formats (35mm, super 16mm and DV) giving it an unusual texture while maintaining an overall gritty and realistic tone. In doing so, the filmmakers have carefully constructed a new style that hopes to stimulate discussion while regaling the senses. It provides the viewer direct access to the roller coaster of incidents that often occur to an Ecstasy user. Rolling is an engrossing, provocative, and poignant cinematic manifestation of the journey one has while on the drug. It is a bold and visceral experience that brings to light one of the most prolific drug phenomena of our time.

*The author of this blog does not condone, promote, or justify the use of ecstacy or any other illicit drugs.**

**But that one time in L.A with all my cousins and a buncha random women...HOLY CRAP MAN! That was fucking awesome!

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Chez said...

I believe it was Pee-Wee Herman who said, "I don't need to see it -- I lived it."