Friday, June 13, 2008

Thought for the day:

I hate political correctness. Case in point: when you call someone retarded and then somebody gives you a glare that could burn a whole in titanium and tells you that those kind of people should be referred to as “mentally challenged”.

Sorry, being “mentally challenged” means not being able to figure out what 4 down on the TV Guide Crossword Puzzle is.

When you shit in your pants, give it a name and take it shopping for shoes, you’re fucking “retarded”.


Anonymous said...


and shit, My cousin Jessica who was retarded(stuck in birth canal brain damage and she passed away about four years ago, at the age of almost 35) Our whole family knew that when we exclaimed about knuckleheads and called them RETARDS, that we weren't talking about her.

Aunt Becky said...

I'm so Goddamned sick of being PC it hurts my taint.

Oh yes, yes I did.

TK said...

I'm so glad you agree, because I've always felt that you are, in fact, fucking retarded. Or as they say in my part of the world - "wicked retahded."

Mm hmm.

A Bowl Of Stupid said...

Great fucking picture. How appropriate -- in college, I used to love getting stoned and watching this guy. Ahh, good times ... uhh, I think.

And I'm pretty sure Webster's definition of "irony" has a picture of TK (and another 9999 monkeys from Boston) writing about OTHERS being 'retahded' -- tapping vigorously on their sasquatch-esque keyboards, hoping beyond hope that maybe THIS will be the one time the 'computer screen gods' will magically make something coherent appear.

But in this case, it actually happened ... he's right, you ARE pretty retarded (but in a fun, Corky-like, way).

Miss ya!

Anonymous said...

Agree on the overly-PC. It makes things so fucking serious when all I want to do it have fun.

Anyway, I never heard a retard complain about being called one. So, yeah!