Monday, May 19, 2008

My name is Jonas, I'm carrying the wheel

Meet the newest member of the Martinez/Quintana family.

Jonas Ryan Martinez
Born to: William and Kristina Martinez
Born: May 16, 2008
Weight: 5 pounds (4.5 of which is all penis, by the way).
Length: 18 inches (oddly enough, he’s hung like a 4.5 pound can of tuna)

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go plan for his 18th birthday party in Tiajuana.


Anonymous said...

Oh My Gawd Manny - he is beautiful, precious and already hung like bear ;) - w00t!! Way to go DAD!!!! ;)

Seriously, he is stunning Manny. May he always have the curiosity to ask Why? and the Courage to ask Why Not!!!!

I'm so happy for your family! Many blessings

Cylithria - Dork Bloggers Creator.

Jennic said...

Congratulations to the whole family!!! He's darling!

Only a dad would write an announcement with references to um, you know, not that there's anything wrong with writing that. ;)

Hope everyone have decent sleep soon again.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely hunky Manny ;) Congrats to the whole family!

Sarcastic Mom (aka Lotus) said...

Congratulations! Such a blessing. :-)

Don't forget to include me in the invites for that wild party... I might be 49 then, but I'll be able to hang with the best of them! ;-)

Aunt Becky said...

That may be the cutest baby I've ever seen. You're going to have to hook me up in about 18 years, just as I'm hitting my midlife crisis.

brite69 said...