Monday, February 4, 2008

About a girl

This was inspired by a conversation between parents last night over dinner.

A girl’s first love is her dad.
Dad is her knight in shining armor, her prince valiant, and her superhero rolled into one.
Dad is the one that will brave fire and death to save her.
Dad is invincible, super strong, and able to leap tall buildings in a single bound.
Dad is immortal.
Her first rose, her first door held open, her first chair being pulled out, should all come from dad.
Her first Valentine is dad.
Dad can breathe fire and kiss her boo-boo’s away at the same time.
Dad can fix anything. If he can’t fix it, then it’s not broken.
If her heart is broken, dad will give her his.
Dad will push her forward, and teach her how to pick herself up when she falls.

Dad is the rule by which all other men are judged.


Anonymous said...

Manny there are no truer words then these. My daddy hung the moon and made it shine for me and there will never be any man as good as he. However he did teach me also, to look at each man as some girls daddy and judge him on those merits and not against my own daddy.

I was just thinking about my daddy today Manny - thanks for this :)
Cyli from Dork Bloggers

Punk Rock Mom said...

ahh so true. My 2 year old daughter can often be heard saying, "daddy can fix it"

girl with curious hair said...

This is all very true. No pressure.

Alex the Odd said...

For me that figure was my Maternal Grandfather. It used to upset me when I was younger - that I didn't have a Father that was worth looking up to or depending on - but it turns out I did, it was really just a matter of technicalities.

Lovely post Manny.

Anonymous said...

Hey there, just randomly passing by.

Although my dad is a great guy, he's not a superhero and I don't expect him to be one. At one point, I did, but it's a cruel and unnecessary one at that. I love the intention behind this post, but it's not always true for some people.

demondoll said...

Very true for me. My daddy is still the man who can fix anything!

Anonymous said...

You forgot one other thing. A father can make a horny teenager's cock crawl back up into his body out of fear with just the right look. That is why every guy, no matter what age, is terrified of meeting his girlfriend's father for the first time. Or maybe it was just because most of the women I dated had fathers who were current or former Marines.

Anonymous said...

My dad and I are oil and water. Makes looking for a Father's Day card challenging to say the least.

But he has turned out to be the greatest Pappy my little boy could ever have. Makes up for all the screaming he did during my teenage years.

Farty Girl said...


I mean, my dad rocks, but he's not my first love. or my knight in shining armor. he's too much like me. And I don't take myself that seriously.

My mom is my knight, I think. She's not one of those "tough women" or anything. She's not a nurse or basketball coach. She teaches 3rd grade. She wears sweaters with bears on them.

Manny said...

Cylithria - YW. Thanks for checking in.

PRM - You can often hear my 10 yr old saying "Dad made pasta...again".

GWCH- You're tellin' ME.

DD- Go Dads!

Harry- I've got the whole thing mapped out, Harry. My brother and I are probably going to reenact that entire scene from Bad Boys II where the kid comes to pick up Martin Lawrence's daughter.

Manda- I'm sure, but the point of the post was more to underscore how most girls will pattern, not themselves, but the men they are attracted to after their father unless they make a conscious decision to do otherwise.

Farty- Hah, I liked typing that. Anyway, see above. What is/are your husband/boyfriends like?