Monday, February 11, 2008

Sunlight is overrated anyway

You want me to do what? Stick it in? Ok.

What’s THIS hole for? Really? Lemme slide this in. Oh yeah, perfect fit.

You want to wrap that around my head? This part goes in front of my mouth, right? Sexy.

Touch you where? Whatever turns you on, baby. Does that turn you on? Good.

Oh God, that feels so good in my hands. What’s this little nob for?

Well, looks like you’re all warmed up and ready to play. I hope you can handle this.

Um, I hope you don't mind, but I brought some friends along. I thought they could, you know, join in...


onthevirg said...

Dude, buy Call of Duty me, your lady will never see you again.

Boo said...

oh NO. I've heard about your Halo Hooligans. There is No. Hope.

Good luck with that fathering thing....

Alex the Odd said...

Damn you and your sleek next-genness! All my money is going on my tattoo work so alas, I can't afford any kind of games console. I will be buying a new one in April though, although as an RPG freak it looks like the PS3 is winning.

Enjoy your shiny new toy!

Bella said...

OMG, Rock Band, well, ROCKS!

My kids and me!) LOVE it!!!


Manny said...

OTV - I'm debating on COD4 or Bioshock...either way, I'm going to become a hermit in short order.

Boo - A good father knows when it's time to let his children leave the nest. Like whenever there's a Halo tournament.

AtO - I don't know, I've seen some pretty good RPG's on the horizon for 360. Check out or

Bella - You. Have. No. Idea. My band's name is Hippo Crush. Are you playing on the 360? My gamer tag is crazyblogger if you have Xbox Live.

demondoll said...

I love Rock Band! I don't dare have it in the house- we go to a friends for the fix...
Mrs. Manny rules.