Thursday, August 23, 2007

In a galaxy far, far away...

I'd like to thank everyone that has read and or commented on what's probably the longest post I've ever worked on. Rest assured it's not even close to being done yet, but it seems that life has thrown me another curve ball. I'll be working on part III of the post over the weekend, but I have some other business to attend to that will also require me attention. Wish me luck.

Anyone know of some job openings in my area?


girl with curious hair said...

Unfortunately, this explains it. I'm sorry to hear this.

TK said...

Again, that sucks to hear man. Good luck.

However, if you're willing to relocate, I am looking for a houseboy. Just sayin'.

Anonymous said...

Shit. I'm sorry man.

I also read a comment on your previous post from Mrs.Disco, she's a keeper eh?

You'll make it. You have that dedication and drive to keep it up, to do the right thing, the respect and honor and knowlege that shit happens.

Good vibes to you man.

Bella said...

Any luck with the job thing???

Suki said...

Good luck, Manny.

Wish I could help, but back in India the job market's way worse.

Vanessa said...

I've like reading the longest post in the free world. It's good.

onthevirg said...

What kinda work you looking for man?

Chez said...

Okay, so I'm finally getting around to commenting on everything that's happened to you lately (the amazing post, the job, etc.)

Sorry it took so long man, but I've been swamped and have therefore neglected the hell out of my online friends.

First of all, the amount of work that you put into your extended essay on fatherhood was thoroughly worth it. I already thought you were a genuinely good person; now I realize you're probably, like, a god or something. The dignified manner in which you approached what's obviously been a difficult situation since day one is awe-inspiring. As for putting it out there for the world to read -- I have no doubt that you did some good by allowing everyone to hear your story. I won't go into detail about how it compares to some of the events in my own past, but maybe the best compliment I can pay you is that I wish I'd reacted the way you did -- the way you continue to.

As for the job thing -- Jesus, I've been unemployed so many times it's practically a career in itself. Just hang in there; things can and usually do change for the better in an instant.

Now that you're unemployed though, just be careful. I hear Lou Dobbs bought himself a dog catcher's truck and now cruises the streets of LA looking for strays.

A Bowl Of Stupid said...


Like Chez, my apologies for not commenting sooner, but as you know, I've been 'away.'

I'm not gonna waste your time by blowing smoke up your ass (besides, you've already got a hookah), except to say that, despite what you have had to endure, I'm still glad you wrote about it. Simply stated, it's a nice reminder of just why I'm so, so pleased that I got to meet you guys before I left. Truly.

On the flip side, I'm sorry to hear about your employment issues. I know the feeling. And of there's anything I can do to help (like paying down a bar tab or two ... ahem), please don't hesitate to ask.

My best.

Ranylt said...

Realized the other day you hadn't posted on Pajiba for ages...started to wonder. Things now making more sense: burning computers, personal epiphanies, and sudden unemployment, and all.

Hope it's working itself out.

CP said...


Are you done yet?