Thursday, January 3, 2008

Foot in mouth? Check.

A conversation I had with Mrs. Disco while in bed last night:

Me: Whatcha reading?

Mrs.Disco: Sur La Table.

Me: Anything good?

Mrs. Disco: Meh. Not much.

Me: (looking at page) Is that Valentine's Day stuff?!

Mrs. Disco: Yes...

Me: Are they already advertising Valentine's crap? You gotta be kidding me! We're barely into January!

Mrs. Disco: Hrrmmmmm...Maybe I'll actually get something other than a stuffed heart from Big Lots this year.

Me: ...They were in high demand, you're lucky you even got one.

Mrs. Disco: You touch me and you're getting an elbow in the chest.

And, scene.


girl with curious hair said...

Manny, you're such a romantic. I'm assuming you'll be researching jewelery in the near future, right?

Manny said...

You better believe it. I just got the latest flyer for the 99 cent store.

Random Musings Of My Life said...

Nice..... we did not even do cards for Christmas so I imagine there will be no stuffed hearts in my future..and I am fine with that, however he is taking me to Cabos for 10 days for our anniversary this year.... So stuffed hearts are forgiven

demondoll said...

Burke Williams.
City of Orange, or Mission Viejo... she'll love it!

Anonymous said...

Diamond Earrings. DO IT MAN.
If my lazy assed hubby can pull it off, then you can.

Becky said...


Dude, I love your blog. Now I'm going to link to you. Because you're awesome!

Manny said...

Random - Cabo? Sweet! I've never been farther than Rosarito, Mexico. Color me jealous.

Demondoll - I think you may have a good idea there. Gets her out of the house for a couple of hours so I can spend quality time with my Playsation 2. Sweet!

Claudia - Ummm, are you IN-SANE? I have to start low, so I can build UP to that. I find it's easier to surprise people when I keep their expectations low.

Becky - You're awesome too! We're both awesome! Woot! I linked to you, also.

Anonymous said...

OMG. just go move to the couch and stay there then. sheesh.

onthevirg said...

You sir, are the smoothest of the smooth operators.

Manny said...

Claudia - The problem with that is eventually she would come out into the living room...

Virg - That's what I'M sayin'!!