Tuesday, April 17, 2007

How do babies taste? Ask Fergie...

Big Fat Buddha, I'm scared of this chick. Women scare me in general, but it only heightens that fear when they have shoulders broader than mine and a jaw like Ivan Drago. I think I could take her in a fair fight, but I wouldn't wanna run into after an all nighter in a dark alley. Luckily for me I always carry a silver bullet and pepper spray. By what cinematic trickery are they going to try to convince us that this she-beast isn't the unholy spawn of Pumpkinhead and The Bride of Chucky?

I truly believe that those aren't panties, but some kind of penis restraining device some prop guy developed.


Jayne said...

You are too funny. I came over to comment back and thank you for your well-wishes. However, I really can't be sentimental on a Fergie post. Sorry.

I bet she's got a really nice personality.

TK said...

Fergie: I must break you.

Manny: No, please don't big scary tranny person!

Fergie: If he dies, he dies.

Manny: *whimper*

Lily said...

OMG. I can't stop laughing!

A Bowl Of Stupid said...

I've been trying to place just who that "thing" looks like.


That's it!!

Now if I can only get the nightmares to stop.

Manny said...

The nightmares never stop....They. Never. Stop!!