Friday, March 28, 2008

Friday morning nookie

Hah! Got your attention. You're so easy, but that's why I love you in the face. A very dear friend or mine, Girl with Curious Hair, has setup a new blog at Blog Me a Tale of which I and some other far more talented bloggers are contributors to. Each month will have a theme under which we'll be contributing stories. This month (March) is Open Mic, so we're putting up whatever we feel like. I'm sure everyone would appreciate it if you would stop by, check out the great stories that have been posted there thus far and show some support. Plus, the first ones to comment receive *$10,000.00 Disco Dollars and a set of one of those rear window stickers depicting you and all your hellspawn (if any) as hilarious stick figures.

*Exchange rate equal to .00000001 U.S Dollars.


Becky said...

I think I joined too. Because I want to be just like you, Uncle Manny.

Bella said...

Such the blogger you are Manny!

I'll have to check it out!

=) Bella