Monday, May 21, 2007


Behold, lovers of all things Disco, I hath gone forth and mulitplied. I have begun posting over at Offsprung, so please feel free to neglect your jobs, family, and whatever deity you worship to head on over there and leave some comments for the Lord of the Disco:

Hispanic! at the Disco on Offsprung


slouchmonkey said...

Shit, I'm so confused now. Do I comment here or there? I just don't feel comfortable commenting outside the Disco.

It's me, really. Not you.

Seriously, your thoughts on this matter have opened my mind. I look forward to more posts in the future.

Ok. I'll say it here first.

My wife and I are expecting.


I'm trying to put my thoughts together on this matter for an epic post of my own.

Manny said...

Slouch - Congratulations, man! I'm really excited for you two. I hope you keep everyone posted on your experiences during the pregnancy. You should do a month to month post leading to the big day.