Tuesday, May 29, 2007


I love me some hot wings, but this guy has a problem.

You know, any thing that ends with a metal spike in your ass is never good....but it sure is funny.

The Department of Evil wants you....dead. The Onion

My money's on Elmer Fudd. Orange County Register


litelysalted said...

What kind of sick fucking bastard stabs a duck????

girl with curious hair said...

Mmmm...Duck L'Orange.

Bart said...

Nice place you got here.



girl with curious hair said...

I was just looking at your 'friends' and noticed you have Offsprung listed twice. Shameless self-promotion or really big fan?

Manny said...

LS - Apparently, according to the article, the same kind that will light one on fire, use em as a football, or poison em.

GWCH - Duck L'Orange County!

Bart - Thanks Bart. I checked out your page...funny shit.

GWCH - Ooops. Shameless self promotion can get out of hand....but if it did, then it wouldn't be shameless, would it?

A Bowl Of Stupid said...

Hey, don't look at me, I just went out for a cup of coffee and a smoke. I had nothing to do with that duck. Really!

Altho it is kinda curious this kinda shit happens whenever I go somewhere, ain't it?