Thursday, May 31, 2007

Makes me wanna sing

With the permission of the Bunkum Brothers I'm posting lyrics to a song of theirs that I find particularly fitting these days in light of recent events that have stirred our fine media into a frenzy.....and cuz I wanna drive some goddamn traffic my way. Without further delay, the lyrics to "Dear Lindsay Lohan" by the Bunkem Brothers.

Dear Lindsay Lohan

(m. carter)

Lindsay Lohan, where do you think you're goin' now?
You drink and you dance, you got ants in your pants so I'm told
But I'm afraid to say that, honey, someday you'll grow old

Paris Hilton, have you ever read John Milton, girl?
He wrote Paradise Lost in which Satan gets tossed down to Hell
And it occurs to me that it's a story you know well

Twins of Olsen, you were such sweet and wholesome girls
You succeeded so young, living two lives in one, now you've grown
But if you do the math that means you're older than Sharon Stone

Ashlee Simpson, don't come undone my friend
Sure your sister is hot and we all know you're not so you're blue
But the sands of time will make her ugly just like you

Lindsay Lohan, sweetie, what do you think you're showin' us?
With a click and a flash they always cause you to crash, what a world
But someday soon they'll be chasing a younger girl

Lindsay, baby, you know you're gonna get old

Feel free to stop by their site, where you can actually hear each of the songs on their new CD "Love Songs", including my personal favorite, "Excuse Me Miss".


Sleepless Mama said...

That was so...well, I was going to say "wrong," but you know what? It's all true. Encore!

Jayne said...

brilliant. just brilliant.

Chez said...

I'm sure by now you've seen Paris Hilton's mug shot. The bitch STILL managed to get the little head-tilt and smirk in there.

Would somebody please, PLEASE kill her.

Manny said...

Man, don't get me started. I saw that and wanted to put my fist through the monitor/her face. The skank can't even take jail time seriously.

Redhead said...

Wow - if Britney Spears had somehow made it into that song (and Jessica Simpson hadn't been complimented), it would have been perfect.