Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Too cheap for therapy

So, this is my first official blog site. I've commented hither and yon on other sites, most notably Pajiba and Deus Ex Malcontent. Both of these sites were my inspiration for this (thank you Chez, Dustin) . That and the fact that as stated, I am too cheap for therapy. Hopefully putting my thoughts down into written word will provide me with some type of cathartic release, or at the very least prevent me from taking a ball peen hammer to the heads of my co workers. Much of this will most likely be done in a stream of consciousness form, with some commentary and perhaps a movie review thrown in for shits and giggles. I hope those of you that stop by can accept this for what it is, a 30 year old guys attempt at some minor celebrity. Also, if you're reading this and your name is Mario Lavandeira....go fuck yourself.

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