Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Why haven't we figured it out?

I'll be honest. I used to frequent the Perez Hilton site in it's earlier days when there were actual pieces of inside information to be found there. Whether it was actual insider info or something he gleaned from another site, I don't know but there it was. Some little bit of priveledged info that gave you the feeling that YOU were the insider. You were part of that elite circle of celebrity. You could almost taste the food at Ivy and see the flashes from paparazzi cameras.

After a while though, something changed. Maybe my sensibilities became more refined. Perhaps there was a shift in my core beliefs. More likely I just realized what a colossal, juvenile douche bag this "star" fucking parasite was. The puerile drawings on pictures, calling someone a slut one week and "fabulous" the next. Somehow managing to say nothing at all about certain celeb's that he would regularly rip into before. It all just seemed to click one day, along with a profound sense of guilt for actually contributing to this thunder cunts hit count.

My fiance continues to frequent his site, though I have not. I don't hold it against her, and won't. It just isn't my cup of tea anymore. I've completely sworn off the site, and am proud to say I'm three months clean now. Everyday is a struggle though, but due mainly to the fact that I want to rip into him whenever he proclaims that the Olsen crack twins are " tres chic!" or "beautiful!" The self serving, attention whore that is Perez Hilton is truly a blight on American culture. It's celebrity for celebrity's sake. I would rather spend they day debating the directorial skills of Tyler Perry with an urban Christian church pastor than read another insipid "blog" from this blithering jizz monger.


Jamie said...

i still like him even though i know i shouldn't i really can't help it

Manny said...

Jamie, Jamie...if you really must get some kind of Celebrity gossip, check out "I Don't like you in that way"....You get exactly the same stuff and you don't feel dirty afterwards.