Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Tyler Perry must be stopped-Movie "review" of Daddy's Little Girls

Let met get some demographics out of the way first:

1. Member of a minority group (unless you live in California)
2. Single dad with custody of two daughters
3. I'm 30 (but a dashingly handsome 30, if I do say so myself)
4. I have not seen this movie (but based on his track record, I can describe the plot with my tongue tied behind my back)
5. My fiance owns the entire Tyler Perry affliction, er, I mean collection.

I think I speak with some authority when it comes to Tyler Perry. I was never a fan of his until my now fiance introduced me to the Madea character via the DVD of Madea's Family Reunion (the play). I can honestly say that I enjoyed the films comedic elements. It definitely smacks you over the head with a hot off the press copy of the Bible though. Nothing against organized religion, but I'll take my theology a la carte. I don't really need a spittoon full of "Amens" and "Praise the Lord"...I get it, they love them some Jeebus.

Where was I headed with this?

Oh yeah,....if you have seen one Tyler Perry play or film, you have pretty much seen them all. Black woman with low self esteem marries rich abusive black man, black man leaves/cheats on said black woman, black woman meets working class black Uber Christian with rock hard abs who wisks her away to a middle class life. You can sprinkle in some dysfunctional kids, cross dressing producers, and fugly co stars that can't act their way out of a paper bag, but it all turns out the same.

I have to admit, Tyler Perry hates him some successfull black men. Apparently the size of your bank account directly impacts the depravity in your soul. By my estimation Tyler Perry must keep a gaggle of retarded, starving Taiwanese children in his basement that he repeatedly assaults with copies of his plays as he proceeds to eat half of a meal and throws the rest into a garbage disposal. So, by all means, plunk down your hard earned money to see this film, but know this......for every ticket you buy Tyler Perry feeds a cute little bunny to rabid Koala bears.

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Chez said...

You know how I know Jesus doesn't answer your prayers?

Tyler Perry still lives.